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I'm Olivia, I am a Women's Empowerment Coach & Menstrual Mentor. I empower women to reclaim their divine feminine power. I will support you through life energetics, diet & nutrition,  connection coaching & cyclical living to be the bad ass goddess you were born to be!

Beauty! I am so glad you are here today! 

Firstly, let me just tell you! You are AMAZING! Women are AMAZING!

I am on a mission to support women like you to improve their health & wellbeing through cyclical living. Working with a combination of women’s wellness, life energetics, exercise, coaching and nutritional advice I want to inspire women to live in sync with their cycle and reclaim the truth of the deep feminine wisdom. Empowering them to feel deeply self sourced, to learn how to trust themselves to gain authentic self esteem. Gain more energy to maximise their time, discover tools to connect to their heart & womb to uncover their journey to their purpose. Develop unshakable faith on this path to step into their power to express who they are with confidence. Receive wellness tools for LIFE! to feel vibrant and become POWERFUL!

As a woman we have many roles; mother, business owner, wife, maybe sole parent, carer, and so so much more.  There are many things that we have to tend to on a daily basis. We are told that we should be able to do everything everyday but you may start to find that your body can't keep up. Have you ever been to an exercise class one week and completely smashes it and felt amazing, only to go back a few weeks later and feel like it's the worst decision you ever made in your life? This is because of our cycle, we are not meant to be the same as men and do the same things everyday / every week. BUT this can make us feel like we are not good enough, and we feel guilty for not being able to stay at the same stamina everyday. Being pushed into a patriarchal way of continuously doing starts to show up through symptoms such as PMS, migraines, cramps, fatigue, grumpiness & frustration. We are continuously doing too much and not taking time out to dream, to be, to connect, to create what we ACTUALLY WANT & DESERVE!


It's time for change, its time to look at what serves you as well as the whole and guess what? When we do this... beauty can unfold. We have a little secret! You are not meant to be able to do it all because guess what?! Our bodies are different to mens! We need different things and the narrative around how women work and live life needs to change. When we live cyclically we do have the capacity to integrate all that is truly needed in our lives. This means shifting perspective and upping our self love and appreciation of the female form and all the magnificence that she has to offer. 


When I went through a health scare, I thought, enough is enough. I spent years researching and understanding what women's bodies actually need and decided to create a business from what made me feel good. My wellbeing became too important to consider doing anything else! I created an incredible business that far exceeded my previous income AND supported my wellbeing too! I couldn't believe it! This is when I decided to share this revolution with others. Working with my cycle gave me new inspirations for ways of working, more energy to deliver my work & left me feeling great! 

By integrating women's wellness into your world and reclaiming your rites to health, you can truly create a world that honours you and serves the whole, whether this is a new business, being a mum or finding life after a big event. Finding tools to deeply connect with yourself and discovering what you TRULY want can only create a happy and healthier life! 


Whether you are at the beginning of your journey with women's wellness and want to understand more about how to alleviate PMS or are ready to dive into a deeper journey of uncovering your truth and facing yourself to step into your POWER. I can help you! I cannot wait to hear from you and start this journey to becoming the balanced bad ass goddess your meant to be! 


My Mission

All Women Should
Know This Stuff!!

I am dedicated to the evolution of women reclaiming wisdom around their health and understanding the true power we hold when connecting with ourselves. 

All women should understand the power of cyclical living and the beauty of the deeper connection to self. When we tap into this power we are set free, able to live the life we truly deserve. To be in harmony with our hormones is to live with more ease.


Cyclical living teaches us balance, deep honouring and gives us the confidence to stand in our truth! 


About Me

Connection Coach
Nurturing Yoga Teacher 

 & Intuitive Healer

I believe everyone has the right to wellbeing. This is achieved through a multi faceted approach to healing and living. 

I have a lifetime of body awareness with over 14 years in the holistic field I am a nurturing coach and intuitive healer. 

  • MA Cultural Events

  • BA Choreography 

  • Life Experience

  • Yoga Rhythm L2

  • YRTT Faculty

  • Womb Sciences

  • Diploma in Women's Health

  • Diploma in Nutrition

  • Aure Mediator

  • Reiki Level 2

  • Counselling Basic 

  • Priestess Apprenticeship

  • Nector Of Nidra

Why Come See Me?

we can work together to create wellbeing


Are you are young women or know a young women who could do with some extra wellbeing support? Olivia works with Heather Saint from Karma Kids Yoga Therapy delivering a weekly group for Tween & Teen Girls at The Breathe In Space.

Tweens & Teens
Feeling a bit lost?
Period Problems?

Our cycles can cause us so many issues... what if I told you this does not need to be the case? Once we learn more about cyclical living our cycles can be a benefit not a hindrance. Look at The Period Program for more information. Reclaim the power of your cycle!

Feeling like you have a lack of direction? Not really sure the truth of who you are? You've done some work on yourself and now you want to step deeply into being your authentic self? Join The Powerful Program to uncover the rich tools and sources to becoming your own best friend and find your truth!

Black and White Flower
What is New Earth
Women's Wellness?

Have you already done some work with your cycle? Have some spiritual practices under your belt? BUT... you don't quite feel you fit in anywhere? Your heart yearns to contribute to the new earth. You are searching for a spiritual but grounded tribe? WE are HERE! The New World Women Collective! 

Want to Step into your POWER?

If you are looking for a powerful transformation where you move through an empowering program to reclaim your wisdom around women's wellbeing, connect to your truth and step forward into your feminine power then get in touch with Olivia about The Powerful Program. Learn how to overcome life's obstacles by becoming your own best friend. Gain wellness tools for life to feel vibrant and become POWERUL!

Please see below for testimonials on ALL SESSIONS

What People Say...

'I’ve been working with Olivia for a few months now, with her amazing period package.

Every month I’d struggle with headaches (almost everyday), binge eating, fatigue, irritability, painful pms symptoms, irregular periods, anxiety and so much more.

After many doctors appointments and only one solutions they could offer. I knew I wanted to try a more natural approach of settling my hormones so when I came across Olivia’s course I knew it was for me and I haven’t looked back since!

By eating the right foods, managing my stress, meditation, yoga, vitamins and more, I have finally synced with my cycle and I finally feel like myself again, mentally and physically.

After all the advice and and support Olivia has given me, I’m finally in tune with my body. I have been without a headache for nearly a month now, no more falling asleep at my desk, no more horrible cramps and pms symptoms! My anxiety and stress is under control. Olivia has helped me overcome what I thought was impossible. She has the most positive calming energy and helped me every step of the way. I can’t recommend Olivia more and I’m really glad our paths have crossed.'

NATALIE - The Period Program


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