Olivia Hickman

Wellbeing for Women


Women's Empowerment Coach & Menstrual Mentor.

Supporting women improve their health, wealth & happiness through Connection Coaching, Classes & Energy Work. 





Supporting Women Improve their health, wealth & happiness

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My Approach

Life Transformation &
Energy Medicine

I deliver a multi-faceted healing approach. We are made up of different layers which need different approaches. Physical, emotional, mental, spiritual... all layers are important to a true balanced wellbeing. Working with a range of wellbeing practices to bring these layers into balance. 

Sessions are tailor made and intuitively delivered to your needs. Everyone is different, so everybody deserves a different process. Book a consultation to find out what would work best for you. 


About Me

Connection Coach
Menstrual Mentor 

Aura Mediator

I believe everyone has the right to wellbeing. This is achieved through a multi faceted approach to healing and living. 

I have a lifetime of body awareness with over 18 years in the holistic field I am a nurturing yoga teacher, coach and intuitive healer. 

  • MA Cultural Events

  • BA Choreography 

  • Life Experience

  • Yoga Rhythm L2

  • YRTT Faculty

  • Womb Sciences

  • 300 Hrs Ad Yoga       (In process)

  • Diploma in Nutrition

  • Aura Mediator

  • Reiki Level 2

  • Counselling Basic 

  • Priestess Apprenticeship

  • Nector Of Nidra

  • Diploma in Women's Health

Why Come See Me?

we can work together to create wellbeing


Are you are young women or know a young women who could do with some extra wellbeing support? Olivia works with Heather Saint from Karma Kids Yoga Therapy delivering a weekly group for Tween & Teen Girls at The Breathe In Space.

Tweens & Teens
Feeling Sluggish / Tired?
Period Problems?

Our cycles can cause us so many issues... what if I told you this does not need to be the case? Once we learn more about cyclical living our cycles can be a benefit not a hindrance. Come and see more for Connection Coaching to Reclaim the power of your cycle!

Feeling lacklustre with life? Sometimes this can happen because we are out of alignment, or tiredness may be due to a syndrome such as chronic fatigue. Our hormones play a part in us feeling out of balance. Learn more about Cyclical Living and get your energy back! Or come for a nourish & nurture session.

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Women's Health & Wellbeing

Olivia has extensive knowledge in Women's Wellbeing. Whether this is healing from an ailment in the womb or transitioning in life Olivia can hold a safe space for you. Olivia offers 1:1 coaching packages and drop in group sessions for women focused on Yoga & Wellbeing

Once in a Lifetime Energy Treatment! 

If you are looking for a powerful transformation where you reconnect with your spirit, gain a new level of understanding of yourself and discover your life purpose then Aura Transformation is for you! Read more about AT and book in for a chat about how this incredible modality can change your world and support your journey to your true self!

Please see below for testimonials on ALL SESSIONS


'I’ve been working with Olivia for a few months now, with her amazing period package.

Every month I’d struggle with headaches (almost everyday), binge eating, fatigue, irritability, painful pms symptoms, irregular periods, anxiety and so much more.

After many doctors appointments and only one solutions they could offer. I knew I wanted to try a more natural approach of settling my hormones so when I came across Olivia’s course I knew it was for me and I haven’t looked back since!

By eating the right foods, managing my stress, meditation, yoga, vitamins and more, I have finally synced with my cycle and I finally feel like myself again, mentally and physically.

After all the advice and and support Olivia has given me, I’m finally in tune with my body. I have been without a headache for nearly a month now, no more falling asleep at my desk, no more horrible cramps and pms symptoms! My anxiety and stress is under control. Olivia has helped me overcome what I thought was impossible. She has the most positive calming energy and helped me every step of the way. I can’t recommend Olivia more and I’m really glad our paths have crossed.'

NATALIE - The Period Program


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