Connection Coaching

'I think this ... is a life-changing process where I can see myself reaching places of self-awareness within myself I didn't know existed.'
Previous Coaching Client

Connection Coaching is Life Coaching with a difference,  I have an extensive background in well-being practices so we can tailor each session and program to your best interests and highest potential. This isn't just a set program where every client works through the same process. Each Connection Coaching session is unique... just like you! 

Connection Coaching offers a combination of women’s wellness, life energetics, bespoke exercise plans, coaching and nutritional advice to inspire women to live in sync with their cycle. These really are transformational sessions that can empower you to become more aligned with what feels right for who you are and who you want to be.


The way we work allows you to access all aspects of wellness; working together to reach deeper into the more subtle levels to create long lasting shifts. Women’s wellness can affect our lives in more ways than you think. Working together can create deep and meaningful changes in your life, whether in money, health, relationships, purpose, self-care, family, consciousness expansion or anything that is real for you.


Often we don’t always understand the more subtle narratives or energetic blocks that have been holding us back. So these sessions are here to support you in all aspects of your being. To create a deeper harmony than you have ever known. When you work with yourself, you become your own best friend, your own inner ally, and you learn to love yourself.


The sessions are aimed to give you tools and activities that are attainable for your life. To allow you to make long lasting, life-long changes. Through researching and developing this awareness of yourself you will then better understand how you can work with yourself rather than against yourself. You will leave the sessions with realistic solutions for your everyday life and a greater knowledge of you!

Connection Coaching has been created to ensure that you gain undeniable results in your life, and sessions can be done online or in person from Ironstone Wellbeing Centre in Kettering, The Breath In Space in Northampton or ONLINE.


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Benefits of Connection Coaching with Olivia

  • Nurturing Coaching

  • Keeping you on track to a life full of HEARTSHINE

  • Multi disciplines Coaching

  • A wealth of practices and modalities

  • Holistic AND Strategic

  • Having a sound board for your thoughts and emotions

  • Support and Encouragement

  • Someone keep an eye on the overall perspective 

  • A safe environment for you to share and grow

  • Accountability

  • Creating clear intentions

  • Builds lifestyle balance: nutrition, fitness, emotional strength, relationships, personal care, careers, goals and environment

  • Can reverse chronic illnesses

  • Compassionate listening with the building blocks of TRUTH

  • Finding your PURPOSE

  • Working with a Coach who TRULY Cares about YOU!