The Powerful Program

Group Program

Powerful is a  Coaching Package like no other. Combining bodily information and sacred wisdom this coaching journey has been intrinsically put together to take women on a powerful exploration to find their truth and live their purpose. To reclaim their health and support them in becoming who it is they truly want to be. To express their gifts with the world and find more freedom and ease in their lives. 

This is a group journey where you have the opportunity to meet like minded sisters! In 2021 I journeyed online with a group of women learning more about online business. BUT one of the main benefits of this program was the group of women I met. This is why I wanted to turn The Powerful Program into a GROUP course. 

The Program will involve a mixture of online learning, live coaching sessions, live shares and wellbeing practices to integrate at home. 

Each week we will either meet online for Connection Coaching or Deep Shares. 

If you are looking to step into your power then this coaching program is for you!

What is Connection Coaching?


Connection Coaching offers a combination of women’s wellness, life energetics, bespoke exercise plans, coaching and nutritional advice to inspire women to live in sync with their cycle. These really are transformational sessions that can empower you to become more aligned with what feels right for who you are and who you want to be.


The way we work allows you to access all aspects of wellness. Not only working with you to improve your diet and exercise routines but also working together to reach deeper into the more subtle levels to create long lasting shifts.


Women’s wellness can affect our lives in more ways than you think. So working together can create deep and meaningful changes in your life, whether in money, health, relationships, purpose, self-care, family, consciousness expansion or anything that is real for you.


Often we don’t always understand the more subtle narratives or energetic blocks that have been holding us back. So these sessions are here to support you in all aspects of your being. To create a deeper harmony than you have ever known. When you work with yourself, you become your own best friend, your own inners allay, and you learn to love yourself.

What is a Deep Share?

A 'Deep Share' Session will be done bi-weekly supporting you to truly honour yourself and the journey that is unfolding. This is not a session to come and moan about all the things that may be going wrong. This is about connecting to your heart, womb & spirit to share from a space of truth. To feel empowered to witness what needs to be seen, but gain self sourcing tools to then understand how to process in the safe space of circle. 

The 'Powerful' Coaching Program


The Powerful Coaching Package is for women looking to be their most powerful selves. This 5 month program will take you from confused to connected. Leading you to know what you want and how to work with yourself. Leaving you with incredibly powerful tools & wisdom for life!

This Package is for you if:


- You feel there is ‘something missing’ in your life that you can’t fully identify

- Are suffering with PMS symptoms or women's health ailments that are getting in the way of sharing your gifts with the world. 

- You have internal blocks that your rational mind cannot pinpoint and it is holding you back

- You are trapped in outmoded or unhealthy energetic patterns, whether in relationships, your professional life or your personal habits

- You find yourself ‘over-thinking’ or spending too much time in your head, becoming anxious and worrying.

- You struggle to connect with your body, or being in your body.

- You know you want to make changes, but just aren’t sure how

- You are going through peri-menopause and want support

- You want to evolve and become more aligned to your truth

- You want to be in a safe and trusted space to explore who you are and what you want to bring in to your life.

- Suffer with indecision about which route to take next

- Want to finally know your purpose or understand how to discover it

- Want to align with your truth

- Want to feel calmer within yourself and more at ease

- Need better boundaries with others

- Want to feel at peace and more joyful everyday

What you receive:


  • Connection Coaching: Bi-Weekly Group Coaching sessions to support you in your growth and evolution to becoming powerful!

  • Bi - Weekly Deep Shares

  • You create a toolbox of women's wellness tools to last a lifetime!

  • Continued support from Olivia on Whatsapp or the groups chosen platform


  • Group Energy Reading & Connection with Spirit Readings

  • Access to Reclaim & Connect: Online courses to support your coaching journey

  • Hormonal Food & Exercise Advice & Support

  • Group Drive to store Wellbeing Practices & Log Coaching Sessions


You may also receive the following within your Connection Coaching sessions:

Meditation, Sacred Sound, Ceremony, Extra Energy Healing, Yoga Sequences, Card Readings, Wellbeing Practices, Energetic Journeying & MORE.

Altogether the package is WORTH over £2,181

But you receive this package for £888 OR £1,134 WITH Aura Transformation to save on your AT!


Pay in Full: £888

6 Month Payment Plan: £148

12 Month Payment Plan: £74

OR Why not ADD an Aura Transformation to your journey to truly step into your authentic POWER

WITH Aura Transformation: Pay in Full: £1,134

6 Month Payment Plan: £189

12 Month Payment Plan: £94.50

If you really want to do The GROUP Powerful Program but do not have the finance to support your journey, please do still get in touch scholarships and bursaries are available.