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New World Women Collective

The New World Women Collective will be an online membership where you will receive access to topics on the feminine lineages and new time philosophies. One of my missions is to support women integrate and combine these two powerful lines of wisdom and knowledge to improve their health, wealth & happiness.

If this sounds like something you would like to be a part of please register your interest below and Olivia will be in touch with more details.

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What You Will Receive

The New World Women Collective will combine online learning and weekly live groups to support you to step into your power; reclaim your feminine lineage and and understand your truest potential within the new time energies now available on earth. 

Cyclical Living

Learn about your cycle as a women, how the hormones work and what your body actually needs on a monthly basis to be living in true harmony. 

Infradian Yoga

Receive online classes that match your bodies natural rhythms. Yoga that supports you deeply through your natural monthly cycle. 

Deep Shares

Join weekly deep share where space will held with the utmost integrity. This is a space for women who are truly ready to face themselves and honour the depth of their being to step into their power supported by a group of fearless women. 


Receive practices to clear our womb spaces. I have been told this is important when it comes to being the birth givers of the new time children. If we can create high energy womb space it means less clearing for the children coming through. 

New Time Wisdom

Gain insight into the new time energies and what it means to live a life in the new earth energies. How do we interact with each other? Are there things to look out for? What should I be doing? 

The Womb

The Womb Wheel is back! This is an energetic women's circle held via zoom. Supporting women to become more confident in sharing their Magic. We work with spirit to find each women's gifts and build confidence in leading circles.

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New World Women Collective

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