Olivia's Energy Reading & Healing has evolved from years of delivering energetic healing treatments. Olivia is third eye dominant, emotionally intuitive & super aware. She works with her intuition to give a healing treatment that truly serves your being and gives you an insight into aiding your future healing. 

There are three options for healing: 

Nourish & Nurture - TLC

If you feel that you just need a little bit of TLC and some extra love. If you are going through trauma and just want to feel held then Nourish & Nurture is for you! This session can be combined with or without yoga, yoga nidra, meditation energy healing & sound. It just allows you to rest, breathe and be, filling up with loving energy and setting your intentions through yoga nidra. 

HeartSeed Energy Healing - Inquisitive

If you are inquisitive about your energy and where you are then this could be for you. Do you want to know if you are holding any energetic blocks? We can also look at what brings you most joy and what paths could help you to align with the truth of who you are. 

Aura TransformatioN - READY FOR CHANGE

Aura Transformation is an incredible transformational modality created by Anni Sennov. It aligns us with our passion, purpose, truth and heart intelligence. The journey with Aura Transformation assists us in releasing old patterns, ancestry lines & other things that we may be subconsciously attached to that are holding us back from living our life in full joy. This is for you if you are looking to empower your life and bring in life long changes. Find out more about Aura Transformation™ here.